24 Hour Travel Food Guide to Chicago - 10+ chef curated food and drink recommendations (copy) (copy)

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Get the best out of your brief time in Chicago. 

In 24 hours you can lunch munch in a monstrous all-local food hall, sip cocktails on a rooftop overlooking Millennium Park and Lake Michigan and choose between either dinner at a Chicago steakhouse newcomer or one of the best restaurants in the world.

Also a couple more additions (added for maximum fun)- a fair sprinkling of snacks, a hot dog recommendation and a cozy bar that reminds me so much of Hogwarts that I'm pretty sure Hermione was our server/I saw a Quidditch trophy on display.

This 24 Hour Chef's Guide includes:

- dining recommendations (including our TOP recommendations for lunch and dinner)

- intoxicating spots for drinks and snacks

- our favorite non-eating activities (lol) to get the best sense of the culture and city in your limited available time.

When you buy, you get a downloadable/printable guide to all  destinations, plus our easy-to-install Google Maps overlay.

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